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Anonymous asked:

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Is this real?

15 things you may not know about me

1. I am half black, half thai, my mom was from thailand and my dad was from mississippi, so you could say I’m blasian, maybe the blazing blasian, sounds like a boxing name lo!!

2. I’ve lived in nevada for quite a while, around las vegas when my sister and I used to swim for the las vegas gold swim team. We also used to stay at excalibur for quite a bit. But this was back in the 90’s when I was going to school from 1st or k up to 3rd grade so I haven’t been to las vegas since then.

3. I’ve also lived in new jersey, chatsworth, ca, alhambra, los angeles, pasadena.

4. I have one older sister who currently lives in arizona practicing law at a law firm,  she graduated from usc.

5. I was home schooled from the middle of 3rd grade to the start of 5th. It was pretty cool, during breaks I would get to watch tv or play video games, and the food was always good since it was made by my mom. I did learn a lot from it and it was a good experience.

6. I really love to swim, grew up swimming since I was a little kid, both my sister and I were on three competitive swim teams for quite a while and my sister went on to swim in college for a while. I loved going to swim meets, staying in hotels, going to different places, meeting new people, being in the pool. If I hadn’t been so busy with school, performing, I would still be swimming right now. I want to get back into it one of these days.

7. I am someone who really cares a lot about his family and his friends, so much so that whenever I see anything posted on fb or tumblr where something may be wrong or someone may be feeling down, i can’t help but reach out to as many people as I can. I’m not able to sit by and not do anything because my friends and my family and the most important people in my life and I don’t know who I would be or where I would be without them. I thank God so so much for blessing me with such amazing people who I am so grateful and thankful to know.

8. I know I am not a perfect person but I’ve always tried and continue to try to be the best person I can be and I will never stop striving to be the person that God would have me to be, prayed his continued guidance, wisdom, mercy, love and kindness. I always hope that I am being the right type of person, stay on the right path for my life doing and saying the right things. i truly love the lord and want nothing more then to do right by him and best for him, my family, my friends, myself, for everyone.

9. I truly look up to my family as inspirations in my life, my mom, my sister are truly role models for me, they have accomplished so much, worked so hard to get where they are and always willing to help me in anything I’ve ever need but, have also taught so much. I’m always grateful to them and I strive to be better because of them.

10. If I was a music major, I may have gone into theater because I love acting, being on stage, being in plays, musical theater. But, I also just love singing in general so I have always wanted to be a performer, recording artist, travel around the world and touch people’s hearts, minds, souls, bodies, spirits, and lift them up with music. I am eternally grateful for god to have blessed me with an amazing gift of song, ability to sing. I remember when I was really little and my mom recording me singing theme songs to cartoons from just hearing them on the tv once or twice, hearing my sister playing the piano and being able to sing back the melody. That’s when she knew had a great ear for music. No words can describe how thankful I am for having received such a gift that I get to share with people, what a blessing it is, truly.

11. My dreams in life are to become a recording artist, but not just a solo artist, a vocal duo, male and female vocal duo, traveling around the world singing both solos and duets, recording albums, making music, it would be a dream come true and if I could do it right now, i would, drop everything and go. But, also, along with that, I want to be the right-hand man or personal assistant to my best friend Joey who is working to become a film director. I’ve always wanted to be a person to help succeed in making his dreams come true and would gladly do it as his right hand man, no other position I would want more then that. Then as a side job, I have thought it would be cool to own a warehouse for parties rentals, host parties, think it would be fun.

12. For those who don’t know, I’ve had open heart surgery towards the end of my junior year, beginning of senior year in high school, biggest surgery i’ve ever had before and I still have the scars to prove it! Best thing about it though was that the food was great, got to watch cable tv haha and play mario tennis in my room on a n64 lol!!

13. I love to dance, have never really considered myself that great, some people may say differently, maybe i’m modest, shy. I mostly like to dance hip hop, most of the time if i’m either by myself or at times when I’m at a party at a friend’s house. I’ve gotten lots of compliments from people on how good I am. Apparently, I was so good that I won a freestyle hip hop dance battle last semester in the titan student union, that was very surprising!! It was cool though to have people cheering for you, coming up to you and complementing you. I would love to take dance classes though if I had time and learn more and improve my dancing.

14. I’ve had many crushes but have never had a girlfriend before. One of things where I think I’ve just found that special someone. They do say though that sometimes when you aren’t even thinking about it, the right person sometimes will just walk into your life. I do choose to believe though when that right time comes, it will happen and that God has created someone out there for each of us.

15. I love to go and sing karaoke!!

Alright, well think that covers it, if you ever want to anything else about me, I’m never afraid to take any questions you may have, I consider myself a very open book, I guess that could be good and bad, but that’s how I’ve always been, always been a very sincere person, try to always be an honest caring and friendly person, and very reliable. Anyways, next time I take on day 2 of the challenge, till next time, peace!!

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